CurveFlow™ distribution area

⦁ Improves media flow and minimizes the risk of fouling
⦁ Fully utilizes available surface area
⦁ Provides perfect distribution inside channel, unit stays clean longer

OmegaPort™ noncircular port holes

⦁ Enhances media flow and thermal efficiency
⦁ Avoids short cuts in plate pack
⦁ Pressure drop better utilized for heat transfer

Offset Gasket Groove

Ensures plate utilization for maximum heat transfer efficiency

FlexFlow™ plate design

⦁ Improves thermal efficiency and optimizes pressure drop utilization
⦁ Perfect for applications with unequal flows
⦁ Both channels stay clean longer


Five-point alignment

Ensures reliable plate positioning and easy service of large units

SteerLock™ plate alignment

Ensures reliable plate positioning and easy service

PowerArc™ plate pattern divider

Improves plate rigidity for longer lifetime

RefTight™ sealing system

High-performance gasket sealing for high-pressure duties


ClipGrip™ gasket attachment

Ensures perfect seal and trouble-free maintenance

T-Bar Roller

Provides a lower unit that is easy to service

Bearing boxes

Guarantees an easy-to-open unit for smoother, more efficient maintenance

Compact frame

Facilitates maintenance and minimizes service area requirement